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Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 2017 -- A New Year and Back Blogging

January 2017 -- A New Year and Back Blogging

It has been over a year since I had posted on my blog.  The reason is because I had problem getting on it and no matter what I did or tried it would not happen.  I have had so many friends wanting to know why I was not doing my blog, they wanted me to do it again. I did not want to start a new one as I had all the past memories in this one.  I took my computer in to get cleaned out and re-furbished.  I did not want to get Windows 10 as I like the one I have.  So what I will do is start this year out with a catch up of the past year.  Have a great week.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas is Coming ~~ 2014 Ends~~

Christmas is Coming  ~~ 2014 Ends~~

12-21   Sunday     Happy 30th Anniversary

Dan, Karen, Al and Carol Lystra

12-24   Wednesday  "Christmas Eve"
Well started off the day at 12:01 AM.. I was in bed sound to sleep and I heard Herbie bark and I woke up and told him to be quiet... Well then I heard Dan calling me that he needed my help. I jumped out of bed to find him in his chair and not feeling well, light headed and weak and sweats.
The first thing I thought of was heart problems.  He said that he had to go to the bathroom and couldn't make it.  So I helped him up to the bathroom and then I quick got dressed and off to the ER we went.. I got there in 10 minutes and they took him right in and did the vitals his B/P was way out of site 260 some over 150 some. Then blood work, chest x-ray and C-Scan.  4 hours he got the results.  B/P was normal, everything came back good and the final diagnosis was Vertigo. They gave him some meds for nausea and the light headiness..  When we got back, we had a cup of coffee and did a re-cap.. We Thanked Herbie for waking me up.  I went back to bed and he stayed up for awhile and when we did wake up it was almost 9AM.. What a way to start the Holiday off. The rest of the day we had a low profile, I made snacky things for dinner, and we just took it easy and enjoyed the evening.  We both are Thankful that it wasn't anything more serious..

12-25   Thursday  "CHRISTMAS DAY"
Merry Christmas.... Got up early and made a light breakfast for us and then got our HAM ready for the crockpot.  Made a few phone calls, answered a few emails and Dan and I just relaxed and watched some Christmas Movie. We had dinner by ourselves this year. After Dan's incident yesterday, and the acoustics are not good at the clubhouse, it is better that we stay in a tranquil setting.  Our friends Bette and Earl stopped over on their way back from the dinner and left us with a half pan of her homemade bread pudding.. OMG... what a dessert to top off meal.  We had a nice visit.  Ended the evening with a nice hot cup of coffee and a piece of warm apple pie.

12-26   Friday
Dan went for coffee with the boys and I went and did laundry.. Later we went to Corpus Christi to  Harbor Freight, he wanted to buy a commerical paint sprayer.  We both decided that it would be a easy and fast way to get our painting done when we get home. Then we took the island way back to Aransas Pass. We went to the beach to see how many fishermen were out and there was alot of them fishing on the jetty and inter-coastal waterway.  Then we for a Dairy Queen, before we went to Roberts Park and sat and watch the dolphins and the boats.. We had a nice day, ended it with left overs from Christmas dinner..

12-27   Saturday
Over cast this morning and nothing really going on.  I took Herbie out for his afternoon ball game. He sure loves to play ball, and it gives him time to run and get some exercise. Our friend Susan gave Herbie a treat. He knows which spot to go to for his extra treats..  It was another lazy day. Instead of cooking dinner, we decided to go out for dinner.  Went for Mexican, it was good, and a light meal..  

12-28   Sunday

Woke up this morning and it was raining, at time hard, and this is suppose to go on all day.  Good day to stay in and watch movies.

12-30-  Tuesday
Our neighbor Lornea who is a awesome quilter asked me if I would be her helper as she has a quilt to get done for a April Wedding.  If I do she would sew a quilt for me, I have to pick out a pattern and I have to buy the material. I said sure, this way here it will give me an idea on begin a beginner quilter.. So I went and did all the pressing of pieces while learning.. 
What a deal..

12-31 Wednesday   New Years Eve

Went over in the morning to continue on my job, and Lornea said that this is going to be a play day.  she had some left over holiday fabric and she showed me how to cut it, and then she started sewing squares. Well it ended up that she had me sew me some squares,  Fun!
This is what it ended up being.. oh so pretty.

Well this year is coming to a close end, and time to sit back and get ready to watch the ball come down in New York Times Square.  This year sure has been one heck of a year. Hopefully, 2015 will be relaxing and we all will be Healthy and Happy..

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